The Right Woman

Steve’s life changes the moment he becomes the police captain of the substation at the Curtis Apartments. His unquenchable appetite for sexual pleasure and pain forces him to hide his lifestyle. He isolates himself at work while he leads a wild life with a different partner every night. Soon he grows tired of these empty experiences, and he’s ready for something deeper.

Jackie finds fulfillment working with local youth for the summer, but she’s lonely—something is missing. Her life takes an exciting turn when she befriends four young brothers who live in the projects.

When Steve sees Jackie rush out of the building, he’s instantly captivated by her beauty and her bright red hair. Suddenly, he forgets why he had been yelling at the boy crying on the ground in front of him.

Jackie hurries out of the building to find out what all the noise is about. The moment she sees him, her body tingles all over. His strong, rough voice makes her body feel alive.

Will Steve finally find what’s missing in his life? Will Jackie be able to give him what he asks of her? Can they keep their passionate relationship a secret?