Check Mate

Pilar Rhonda Alvarez lives what she considers to be a neat and calm existence. She’s the youngest of three half sisters and a DEA officer with the Miami Police Department, and she and her sisters run a secret PI agency, helping battered and abused women. What’s more, she’s a werewolf.

Events take a sudden twist, when Alton Succo crashes into her life. Hailing from Sedona, Arizona, he’s in town investigating a drug trafficking ring. But Pi’s wolf instantly identifies him as her mate. Meanwhile, a case with the agency brings her face-to-face with an old crush. Between old love and new attraction, she’s unprepared to face her feelings for the stranger wolf—or his for her. Only time will tell whether she’ll be able to keep her head on straight long enough to track down a missing man and find a love that will last.

In this novel, a werewolf working in law enforcement finds herself torn between a crush from her younger days and a strange wolf her heart declares is her mate.

Check Mate Book Cover