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Switching Places

What will happen if Rita gets discover? Can she live with herself if her best friend professional future was ruin? Failure is not acceptable, successfully accomplishing the task at hand is the only priority she had. But the situation changed one evening the moment he was in front of her. Can she pull this off, even though her own life had been turn upside by her feeling for him? No one had ever got to Phillip like she did, he was a known player, and no one had ever rejected his advances like Rita did. This fever and need he felt for her was strong, something new to him. He would find her. Will he admit that what he really feels is love? Can their love overcome when the secrets are in the open and the dreadful words spill out at the heat of the moment?

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Margy Millet

Born Margarita Millet in Arecibo, Puerto Rico in 1958.  The younger twin out of seven children of Antonio and Blanca Millet.  In 1973, my family moved to Worcester MA and in 1980, I married David Perez and had three children….

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